Employee Trainings By The Coppola Firm

The Coppola Firm is delighted to offer New York employers a practical, cost-effective solution to ensure their compliance with the State’s mandatory training requirements. Through our web-based training program, you reap all the benefits of a workplace training by experienced legal counsel without the hourly cost. We give you all the tools you need to manage your in-house training.

Online training allows your team members to individually complete the State-mandated annual components of education. They can take the class from their desk or via a mobile device, and the interactive questions and requirement to meet an 80% pass rate on the final quiz ensure they've paid attention and absorbed the content.

Feel free to reach out to info@coppolalegal.com should you have any questions or need more information. Thank you!


The Coppola Firm’s experience prosecuting and defending claims of sexual harassment and other violations of New York and federal law informs our training content. Our litigation experience allows us to provide practical guidance to our clients about labor and employment law compliance.

We support clients in avoiding risk, whether in their contracts or their workforce. We train and guide companies across the State, routinely providing employment-compliance, safety, and best practice business seminars as well as executive coaching and skills building.